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Elton Ring Steam and BSN / BSVR not supported

Elton Ring Steam and BSN / BSVR not supported

From Carston Scholes
As you know, the Elton Ring will appear on January 21, 2022. Now the product pages of the new title of the software have also gone online on Steam and BSN, so you can add games to your wishlist. But there is also bad news: Elton Ring does not receive PSVR support.

Although the software’s portfolio dates back to 1994 (King’s Field), the Japanese company, under the guidance of Hideka Miyazaki, has only become a major player in the last decade – the Dark Souls series, Bloodburn and, more recently, Zagro: Shadows Die Twice.

The last quality of the software games was so great that many sports fans discovered it from the new software project Elton Ring (Buy Now 59.99 ) It is likely to be one of the most exciting topics of the next year, and not only that Exciting game trailer from June.

It is clear that Action RPG will be released on January 21, 2022 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. If you first buy a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game, you can access the next-gen versions at the same time. In other words: once you tune your living room through the PlayStation 5 or Xbox series, you can automatically enjoy the Elton Ring in the best version, thanks to the free upgrade or smart delivery function.

Elton Ring on Steam and BSN

Product pages of Elton Ring Steam and inside PlayStation Network Went online. Not only can you see information about the Elton Ring (and dozens of new screen shots on Steam), but you can also put the title in the respective wishlist, which is an important indicator for every publisher and developer. Here are all the screen shots from the Steam product page:

Only on English language product page from PSN Incidentally, all the virtual reality fans who always want to enjoy the software game “up close” should not have one detail to please: “This product does not support PlayStation®VR”. Elton Ring will not have PSVR support.

Elton Ring: Trailer with game and release date

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