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An extension for downloading, upgrading and processing SVG icons

An extension for downloading, upgrading and processing SVG icons

On a daily basis, wanting to use a logo or icon comes from another site or application. The problem is, to easily recover assets from other brands, especially SVG components, you need … Patience! There are tools to make this easier …

Ross Moody launched an open source project three years ago to make the process of acquiring brand assets easier! SVG Coupler An open source browser extension (available in Chrome and Firefox) that facilitates design and development by locating, processing, exporting, updating and managing vector content.

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The operation of the SVG coupler is very simple. Once the extension is installed, all you have to do is go to a site where the SVG files are and then re-open the extension so that different icons appear!

Some of the key features of SVG Coupler are:

  • Upgrading SVG content using SVGO from websites or downloaded content
  • Converts SVG content into React component code
  • Export SVG to PNG in various sizes
  • Total shipments of all SVGs per page
  • Ability to copy and paste SVGs into design tools such as Sketch, Ficma or Framer

One night mode is also available in the extension.

A free plugin that makes it easy to extract SVG icons anywhere.

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