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WhatsApp, Beware of new scams: Postal Police warns all users

WhatsApp, Beware of new scams: Postal Police warns all users

Share, The Police post Receives numerous reports from individuals who have reported a victim to someone Fraud Via the popular news service. So, if you receive a message like this: “Hi, I sent you a code by mistake, can you send it back to me?”. What could happen?

WhatsApp, Latest Code Fraud: Postal Police Issue Warning

Do you want to get it News Like, someone is trying to steal yours WhatsApp account. First, do not respond completely. The required code is the unique six-digit code required to complete the process of quickly changing the messaging application.

This is a process that is commonly used when switching Skills Oh phone number, For exchange Share.
With this scam, the attacker or a hacker wants to take your account and get a unique code from you.

Well-thought-out fraud: The most dangerous news, in fact, comes from your contact: from here it can lead you to think it is real news. Unfortunately, this is another victim of a data theft scam, especially in the address book, which included your phone number.
Do you have to admit what you already have? Victim Of frode, Which should be reported immediately Police post: If so, it is recommended that you never click on any links in the messages.

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