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The EU Commission also expelled Frontex

The EU Commission also expelled Frontex

The rejection and lack of transparency is a serious issue for the agency’s work

Frontex is embarrassing the European Commission, which is now considering dropping one of the union’s richest companies, the Frenchman Fabrice Legeri, to its fate. Integrating its position New documented case for repatriation of immigrants. Yesterday a Corubian class Libyan patrol boat – one of Italy’s renewed donors to the government of national unity in Tripoli – loaded 56 people aboard the international waters and brought them back to Libya. On January 19 – but the news only leaked yesterday – another boat carrying 53 people from Libya sank: 43 missing. “This tragedy highlights the need for states to reactivate search and rescue operations, the gap between voluntary organizations and merchant ships trying to fill their limited resources”, he said. he said International Organization for Migration.

2021 First shipwreck in the Mediterranean This happened just as the EU was increasingly struggling with the task of Frontex. While waiting for the results of the investigations already underway by Olaf, the company dealing with fraud and corruption, the left parties in the European Parliament met yesterday to hear another of the denials: “This is a feeling we have ‘beyond the control of the agency’ Said.

But now the commission may also back down on the French official. The EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Yalva Johansson, spent very clear words on the repatriation of migrants to the Aegean and the legitimacy that Lageri presented to the European Parliament last month, which he felt was not enough: “We wrote him a letter because some of the things he said during the audition were not true.” Johansson agreed.It’s not enough, the information site EuObserver He found documents attesting to some of the crazy spending that Frontex has done in recent years. Of these, more than 360 thousand euros for an exhibition event in 2015. More than the company has set aside for the Fundamental Rights Office throughout 2020.

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