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Netflix Shock: You can't stream on these devices anytime soon!

Netflix Shock: You can’t stream on these devices anytime soon!

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For many, Netflix is ​​a part of everyday life. Whether on a mobile phone, smart TV or game console, the app is available for practical download everywhere, so you will always be provided with series and pictures. But we have bad news: on some devices you will Netflix Can’t stream soon.

These devices will soon be compatible with Netflix

Heard for many years Netflix Undeniable on top of streaming providers. The offer is comprehensive and offers everything your heart desires. Particularly practical: the use of the streaming service is available for download on many devices – until now. If you stream with one console at home, you need to be very strong, because both consoles will not be compatible with Netflix anytime soon!

According to the Nintendo document, The NetflixSupport for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS by June 23, 2021 Can be set permanently. Users who do not want to give up their subscription and want to see thousands of content, then have to switch to another device. The Netflix-App has been removed from the Nintendo Store and is no longer available for download. Those who have already downloaded the app may still be happy and can continue to use it, but it is no longer possible on June 23rd.

A Netflix subscription is also useful in 2021 because we can already expect many new series highlights:

The Nintendo Switch does not provide the app from the start

Users of the popular Nintendo Switch already know the problem. Four years after its release, the store still has no use from the streaming provider. It is not yet known if it will be available on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS after it is switched off. All of the user confidence is now in the Nintendo Switch Pro. At least for now it offers a download from streaming provider Hulu, and gives hope for additional applications in the region.

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Netflix has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. Not only junk scenes, old series and blockbusters, but also daily and biographical films offer wonderful entertainment. These are our absolute favorites:

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