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Whatever it is, when it falls this year

Whatever it is, when it falls this year

Night and day have the same duration, and summer officially begins: it falls on March 20th (not the 21st).Spring Uttarayana 2021. Here you need to know about this event which was a symbol of rebirth in all the cultures of the world.

Spring Uttarayana: What is it

More than a day, Uttarayana is an instant, which coincides with this year 10.37, Italian time, on March 20. The moment the sun is in the zenith at the equator, its rays fall perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the earth, for this reason day and night around the world, which have the same duration of light and darkness. Equinox, in Latin, is, in fact, Same night.

From that moment on our hemisphere begins to prolong the period of light compared to darkness, where spring begins with the rising of March. The same date happens in the south to mark the beginning of autumn.

Spring Uttarayana, March 20: Why the date changes

March 21 is known as the first day of spring, but it is not always so. This year’s eclipse is March 20, exactly As in 2020 and previous years. The date will be rescheduled for the future: in 2048 it will fall on March 19th.

So astronomy does not have a fixed date for the beginning of spring, but Varies from March 19th to 21st This is because the time it takes for the earth to form a complete circle around the sun does not last exactly 365 days, but 365 days, 6 hours and a few minutes.

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It is for this reason Leap years We add an extra day every 4 years. But the solution of the leap years is not enough, because of the delay that accumulates each year, the spring solstice changes even the time and day.

Spring Uttarayana: This is how it is celebrated all over the world

Special dates for solstices and solstices. They depend on the apparent motion of the sun and the revolution of the earth around the star. They represent the passage of the seasons. During the spring and autumn solstices the time of day equals the time of darkness, while the summer and winter solstices correspond to the longest and shortest days of the year, respectively.

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Between sleep (Uttarayana is also attached Sleeping day) Discover and awaken nature, Death and rebirth, The arrival of spring is celebrated in all cultures and there are many gods, myths and associated rituals. In ancient festivals, Sham L-Nesim, Which is about 4,700 years old and is celebrated Egypt.

In many cultures, the arrival of spring coincides with the new year. The Chinese New Year, The Lunar New Year It is also called Spring Festival, Because it is connected with the rebirth of nature. In Iran and many Middle Eastern countries, Uttarayana coincides with the feast Navros, “New Day”, Persian New Year.

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Higgan March is the name of a Buddhist holiday that is celebrated for seven days around Uttarayana Japan. The country where spring is alsoHanami, Thinking of cherry blossoms. Yet it is associated with the UttarayanaHoli, The famous Indian festival of colors.

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