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Wild plant collections for diversity in gardens |  Porta Westpalica

Wild plant collections for diversity in gardens | Porta Westpalica

Porta Westphalica (mt / dh). The Naturschutz und Heimatpflege Porta (NHP) Association again provides wild plant collections: Ten perennials that grow well in a particular area of ​​the natural garden – in the shade or in full sun, in sandy or nutritious soil.

If you wish to participate, you must obtain an order list from the homepage of the club Download or pick up from Houseburger Paracelsus Pharmacy. The completed list should be returned by email or pharmacy by March 26 so that after the parcels are collected in April, the active wild shrubs can enrich the home gardens and provide food for the pests this year.

In order to bring flowering life to your own garden, you only need to know the light and soil conditions in the garden, and then the rightly selected package will grow there, NHP promises. There is also a collection for nature lovers who only own the sunny balcony: ten strong flowering plants planted in the balcony box. Even an easy-to-maintain graveyard in the shade can be designed in a natural way with the help of a special wild plant set, because even the graves are so valuable to the many pests in our now-destroyed landscape, writes the Nature Conservancy.

The NHP aims to increase biodiversity in gardens so that native insects can find more honey and pollen again. “To save the rest of our pests, we urgently need more wild plant gardens instead of rocking,” says Holger Hansing, who is organizing the campaign again.

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