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After Amazon, Fnac smashes Airboats Pro (and Airboats 2) prices

Fnock breaks prices on Airboats 2 and Airboats Pro. It’s time for Apple’s famous headphones.

Airbots 2 or Pro no longer need to be delivered. Their success is well established both technically and commercially. If you haven’t fallen for Apple headphones yet, Fnac should convince you with a series of offers. The French dealer offers significant discounts on both Airbots models:

You have to choose according to your needs and your preferences, all the offers are interesting, but we have no small option for Airbots Pro at 199 euros. This has happened before, but it is very rare for these models to be found below 200 euros.

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All knowledge about Apple in headphones

Airports are so popular, you may know what the hell it is. Let us recall the main differences between the two versions. The Airboats 2 are classic Apple models, with the long and visible trunk being the most criticized of its day. These headphones adopt a “button” shape, which is very comfortable as it does not fit in the ear canal. The opposite is the less passive backup. Also note that the Airboats 2 does not have active noise reduction. The base box is not compatible with wireless charging. However, there is a version of your own that you can buy alone or with headphones.

For their part, airboats are a very high variance with this time, and this is the main difference, the active noise reduction. One of the best you can find in headphones today. To make it as good as possible Apple chose an ear-shaped factor to add good passive isolation to minimize activity. Pro model demand, audio quality has also been improved. Finally, we will appreciate the smaller stems, so we will be more discreet in the ears.

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Of course, the first pair of Lake Bots Siri fits the entire Apple ecosystem. The latter is childishly simple. This makes the best real wireless headphones undeniable for iPhone owners. If you have more Android, they will work too, but it can be a little “magic” on a daily basis.

Discover all the offers on Airports