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A children's book was brought back to the media library 32 years after the deadline

A children’s book was brought back to the media library 32 years after the deadline

Books brought to Pagers Media Library 32 years later – Photo by Eric Lucas – Andre Malrox Media Library

The surprise was great, for the staff Media Library Andre-Malrox, in
Bessiers (Herald). A book, Stories and legends of the Antilles, 32 years after the deadline. According to the file that came with the book, it must have been brought back on March 16, 1989. A “new record”, but “an example not followed, of course”, smiles at the media library team.
On his Facebook page.

The mystery does not end there: not one, but two copies Stories and legends of the Antilles Deposited by an excellent stranger in a machine that allows users to repay the works they borrowed. “When I emptied the machine, I found a very old book, very damaged, which did not include the electronic chip like the other books in our collection.” 20 minutes Virginie, a media librarian who received books. It must have slipped when the hatch opened. “

No longer a reader number

It was only when he consulted the file of the former municipal library of Beziers, which came with all the debts 30 years ago, that Virginie understood. “When I saw it on March 16, 1989, I thought it was fun! But where do these books come from? Impossible, if the unknown does not manifest itself, know it. As the basic library of the media library is computerized, the registered reader number is no longer valid.

No doubt someone found them in a room or “in an empty house”. “That person must have seen the stamp in the library and she thought she was going to bring it to us!” 2, asks this employee. These children’s books should not go into the media library, but should be carefully preserved as a monument. “For the document!», Smile Virginie.

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