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What it is and how to avoid it-

What it is and how to avoid it-

Hard to eradicate 6 digit code fraud, Simple and unique system that allows you Control others’ WhatsApp. With that in mind Works via News, Was a peak in the New Year Scandal disguised as New Year’s greetings But new cases have now been reported. Let’s see how it works and how to avoid it. Despite being described by many as a virus, the six-digit code is a real scam Provides for the victim to be actively involved. First it gets A message on WhatsApp with a six-digit string. Comes from real and real Application support service. That code is used Transfer our account to another device or new phone number ma The fraudster demanded it Who needs this now to keep our profile.


Here comes the most unique (or horrible) part of the process. Getting a request from strangers will make the fraud clear, but the cheater knows how to move. That request, it is I sent you a code by mistake, can you send it back to me? Al Can you send me this 6 digit code? There are two ways to get there: From the number of one of our acquaintances who fell victim to fraud or from a fake account Displays the name and photo of one of our contacts. It feels real.

If you hit

As a preventative measure, it is sufficient not to disclose the code to third parties and not to respond to the message. No one and for any reason can only send it to us because it is only for us. But we can if we are attacked Ask WhatsApp to send us a new code and regain control of our profile. We get it on our phone number where the fraudster is not apparent (which is why he asked us for the authentication code). You can access our profile again by entering your phone number and code and have full control over it. If the cheater has changed our profile to his sim, we need to contact whatsappFor example, in extreme cases, deactivate the account.

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