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CRSED: FOAD: Only fire can fight blizzards

CRSED: FOAD: Only fire can fight blizzards

Gaizin Entertainment announces release of “Ice Age” content update for brutal online shooter CRSED: F.OA.D. This winter, the champions of the new blizzard ritual FOAD will freeze, the defibrillator will help revive fallen soldiers and get the tail and yo-p new clothes and underwear. The update also brings new quests, traps, weapons, spirit guards and cosmetics.

Blizzard is a new global ritual that affects the entire map and all players. The cold reduces all operating speeds and causes damage, and the terrain is covered in snow and ice. The only chance of survival is to warm yourself up with food, ritual fires, Molotov cocktails, jet bags, flamethrowers or volcanic eruptions. Walking and being inside buildings helps a little. Of course, hot spots attract other players as well, which is why you should always assume that you are lurking in a nearby fireplace.

The new defibrillator art allows fallen champions to update themselves once and for all. This can be very useful for single players who do not help allies. The fallen champion still loses weapons and equipment and must pick them up again after resurrection. Enemies can also come back and finish the job.

The new season introduces new outfits into the game, with Horlequin dress for the tail on one side and Cosplay costume for the yo-pig on the other. Both of these characters will have the opportunity to change their underwear via the menu. CRSED: FOAD: In the form of purple tents, hearts, tropical papayas, flamingos, military camouflage and nuclear explosion for male and female champions, new underwear is added to the game. You should definitely check out the new masks: in them you will find the Japanese fox spirit Kitsun and the monster Oni, as well as a classic hockey mask and a gas mask.

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Finally, in the midst of the last man-standing battles the soldiers are given random assignments. For example, they can run into a group of Nazi zombies guarding a treasure, complete a race track in the allotted time, or fight with a specific player on the map.

The full list of changes to the Ice Age update can be found on the CRSED: FOAD official website: