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Mourinho allo Stadium

“I explain why he didn’t play”

Mourinho (Getty Images)

Following Bale’s latest tweet, Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho decided to explain why the Welshman was not playing.

He tried to be prudent to let some things stay in the locker room, but after Gareth’s last social outburst Bale, Jose Mourinho He decided to speak up, tell the truth, and do without filters. Speaking at the press conference, the Tottenham coach encouraged the Welsh winger’s last absence, meaning one in the match. FA Cup AgainstEverton. Everything was born out of Bale’s last social post, which showed the full range of photos, his body shape, he said he was ready to play and there was no reason for his condition. His coach’s response didn’t last long.

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Bale Real Madrid Tottenham
Gareth Bale (Getty Images)

Mourinho erupted against Bale

Why didn’t Bale play if there were no injuries? After the photo was posted on social media, Mourinho could not resist and decided to tell the whole (his) truth: “I have always tried to be prudent since the beginning of the season, but it is right to know what is happening now, otherwise a contradiction is created between what appears and what it is”.

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The eruption of something special about Bale begins: “Bale was well trained, but only the next day did he ask for tests to be conducted on the physical problem he blamed. The selections showed no injuries, but he continued to be unwell, unprepared to play, and did not take the field. ” To MourinhoHowever, there is no anger: “If he is ready to play, he will be called tomorrow”. The rest will have to wait.

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