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Cosa sappiamo sul cristallo temporale osservato dall'avanzatissimo processore Google

What is “Time Crystal” and how Google saw it

Google scientists noticed Artifact with a Future Name: A Time Crystal. They did it with equally advanced equipment: a Quantum computer.

What are time crystals

This is a New “Grid of Object”, Has been theorized for some years by some researchers. It is not about solids, liquids, gases, crystals, etc.

We need to take a step back to further clarify this aspect The second law of thermodynamics, Systems naturally move towards thermal equilibrium, i.e. a Less effective and more potty.

For example, if we pour coffee into a cup of milk, it will first be on top of the liquid in the container. However, over time, it will dissolve throughout the milk, reaching “computer equilibrium” and distributing itself Normally Paul inside.

From this perspective, Time crystals are an exception, Because They cannot position themselves in thermal equilibrium. In other words They do not decompose randomly but go back and forth between two configurations In a process that can go on indefinitely.

What is a quantum computer and why is it in the experiment?

By Google’s Quantum Processor, Scientists were able to reflect a “quantum mechanical system” comparable to a certain amount of coins in a box. According to the second law of thermodynamics, moving the box the coins must be arranged randomly: the expectation is that the head should be half upwards and half the view at the cross.

However, thanks to Google’s processor, researchers continued to use it Specific quantum functions, Can Change the position of the quits (I.e., in our example, coins). It is at this point that the “time crystals” exceed all expectations: the computer, after a certain number of operations, or shocks, Reveals a quid structure that is not random, But it is very similarThe original system.

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“It is the first ingredient that makes up the time crystal Remember what he did in the beginning. Don’t forget, “says one of the authors of the study.

Some diligent followers of technology news can not say that all of Google’s experiments were successful: the grave is not a mystery Google App It was so wide that some failed Big Tech experiments became a “cult”, so the results Of the web archive to save Google+ (Google Social Networking).

Giuseppe Giordano