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Water Emergency, Kariyatti “Management Completes Responsibilities on Others”

Cariati – “Thanks to Alternative Dis-Administration & Company, our city has found itself in the last four and nasty years Perennial emergency at the peak of summer, Not only in the image of citizens and tourists, but above all will have a severe impact on the dangerous economy of tourism operators. Continuous sewage leakage In the summer of 2020, the forced winter closure by the epidemic, now forced to suffer by the summer of 2021 Emergency related to water shortage».

We read in a press release from Minority Directors “Kariyadi Punto e Acapo” that it continues: “Management, as usual, tends to shift responsibility entirely onto others Regardless of the alleged responsibility for all of this is an apparent administrative shortcoming and superficiality, There is no programming required to block these reviews, At the end of the summer, as if nothing had happened, falls into indescribable oblivion.

“For some time, – they add – As Minority Advisers we are struggling with a very important debt of 50 750,000.0. Arrangement of Municipal Treatment Plant and Rehabilitation of Water Network in Villari District, Now before 2018, a few days ago, to understand the reason for this, we have again requested the relative documents. Unexplained delay in starting work, As well as related to the recovery plan of the Vargo area. In our opinion, it is pertinent to inform the citizens about the type of project that the administration wants to implement for the security of a site, which is included in the high-profile sites according to the afternoon data and the Ministry of Environment. Danger of the Calabria region.

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“Of course – they explain – they do not fail to request all actions and documents related to water scarcity because they want to have a strong understanding of the management’s real responsibilities regarding this avoidable emergency. We proposed on August 5 to explicitly change the way we facilitate and deliver.

“While expressing full solidarity to all carriers and travelers who are directly experiencing the hardships of this emergency, we naturally guarantee that we will continue to monitor and raise our attention to motivate those who need to resolve issues. Resign! End.