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Insider update finally brings a Night Mode

Insider update finally brings a Night Mode

From Valentine Chatler
Microsoft has released a test update that includes Night Mode for the Xbox Series X / S. It automatically dims the screen and LEDs on the controllers and console. The blue light filter can also be activated in this way.

If you would like to try out the changes before the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S operating systems are released, you can participate in the Insider program. Like Windows, it is divided into several loops: test updates are first distributed to users called the “Alpha Skip Ahead” ring, while more and more sophisticated updates are distributed across the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega loops.

Night mode to avoid the front alpha

Future features for Xbox consoles can be found soon in the changelog for Alpha Skip Ahead, Microsoft recently unveiled a new feature there. According to Changelock, the update released yesterday includes Night Mode for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for the first time. Currently there are still problems with translation. This method is only available if the UI is set to English.

Once this is done, users can reduce the brightness of the screen using night mode and turn on the LEDs on the console and controller. D. In addition, there is talk of an optional filter that can reduce the blue light component.

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According to Windows Central, night mode, like Windows, can be activated automatically over time, for example. In addition, there is talk of other functions: accordingly, you can switch to dark mode via night mode or disable HDR.

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Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when the night will appear for all users. However, the following four inner rings must first be crossed. Before that can happen, Microsoft must resolve the issue of incompatible translation.

That: Xbox / Windows Central Via Reddit

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