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What if I never accept the new WhatsApp rules?

What if I never accept the new WhatsApp rules?

It seems endless back and forth: First, the new WhatsApp usage rules came into effect in February. These allow WhatsApp, the parent company of WhatsApp, to access some WhatsApp data and link it to Facebook data: this includes, for example, a profile picture, phone number and contact details.

Back and forth for WhatsApp users

It should be a regular update for WhatsApp – but the resistance is fierce. After protests by data defenders, the changes were postponed – initially until May 15. Since then, users who have not yet accepted the new Terms of Use are repeatedly asked to accept them. If you deny this permanently, you should lose some WhatsApp functionality after a while – hence the plan.

Now WhatsApp wants to change its plan here as well. WhatsApp announced in a statement that “there are currently no plans” to restrict WhatsApp activity for users who do not accept the update. Instead, you want to be constantly reminded of the possibility of renewal.

What’s next on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s strategic change may also be a reaction to the wave of protests that followed the announcement of the new terms of use. Most recently, Hamburg was also a data protection officer Data transfer between WhatsApp and Facebook is prohibited. Facebook wants to take legal action against this order.

Users who want to prevent the transfer of data to Facebook still have the option of repeatedly rejecting the new Terms of Use, other than switching to another messenger. No effects are currently expected.

What Facebook believes is that many users will simply wear it out over time and accept the update at some point.

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