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Unreal Engine 5: Epic Game Starter Early Access Mid DXR, DLSS & Reflex

Built: Epic Game

With the first real-time tech demo running on the PlayStation 5 (trial), Epic Games has already given a brief forecast of the new Unreal Engine 5, and the game engine is now starting with initial access. As expected, DXR, Nvidia DLSS 2.0 and Nvidia Reflex are involved.

Start-up access to the next-General-Speel-Engine

The first version of Unreal Engine 5 (“UE5”) is available to developers. The first initial development of the machine was not yet suitable for the production of games, but was intended to give developers the opportunity to test the machine.

Focus on “Night” and “Lumen”

In addition to the Nvidia DLSS 2.0 (test) and Nvidia Reflex (test) and radiation tracking using DirectX, the focus is initially on two new key functions of the Unreal Engine 5. One is called “Night”, and it aims to provide a virtualized “micropolic geometry” that hides a new technology for dynamic lighting effects in the lumen machine, which responds immediately to changes in vision and light. Both can now be tested for the first time.

On his own blog The epic game goes into detail about all the advantages and innovations of Unreal Engine 5 and the “full body IK” and “Bose browser” tools.

Officer Unreal Engine 5 Website Provides access to the first impressions of the existing game engine and related possibilities and early access for developers. According to Epic Games, the final first version of Unreal Engine 5 and Fortnight (Benchmark) sent to the new engine is expected to appear in early 2022.

Thanks to editorial community member “foo_1337” for pointing this out.

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