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WeTransfer: trasferire gratis file di grandi dimensioni

WeTransfer: Convert large files for free

WeTransfer, A popular service for sending large files Free And inside Italian In the web version, and the application does not require any registration for the site.

The instantaneous nature of the computer and its ease of use make it one of the most popular file sharing services online.

We will also find out who can make a download in this articleProcessor Official software, if you want to share photos or videos from your smartphone.

2GB from the browser or 10GB from the app can be sent for free, but if you want to share large files, there is also a Pro version for a fee.

How does WeTransfer help with free work?

With version Free, Available at Italian, It is possible:

  • Start sending files linked to the site, directly from the browser and without the need to register on the site;
  • Send files to up to 20 recipients via a shared link, which the software will generate automatically;
  • Send files larger than 2GB;
  • In addition to the file, you can also attach a message Email.

Learn in detail what the required steps are Send your files You can read, WeTransfer: How does it work? User guide

How to download shared file and where is it stored?

To download shared content, the recipient must click the “Download File” button or Link You will see in the email received from below WeTransfer. At this point a screen will open and you can download the extracted files by clicking on the download item again.

The file will come Saved Automatically On your computer desktop or in the download folder of your mobile device. Once the recipient downloads the content, the service notifies the sender that the service was successful.

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Transmitted data will be stored in memory for 7 days, after which they will be deleted. This is really a point Organization, Because the content is stored in a virtual memory, it does not affect the device of the device.

How to use the collection app

The service does not require a download, there is one WeTransfer application, Available Free Per iOS e Android.

If you want to send photos and videos from the comfort of your smartphone or iPhone, you can download the app Collect by WeTransfer Gives App Store e Google Games.

Just like the web version, you can upload with the app File, Photo Oh Video Large quantities will be sent to the recipient’s email address. The latter will receive an email with all the information about the sender, the expiration date and the content to be downloaded.

The big advantage of usingProcessor It is capable of converting up to 10GB at a time.

Send and receive files from IPhone e Android By application it is necessary:

  • Install the app Collect by WeTransfer;
  • Open the app, scroll down and allow photos to access;
  • Select the photos or videos you want to send up to a maximum of 10 GB;
  • Primer “Next”;
  • Enter the email address of one or more recipients (up to 20) and the sender;
  • Enter a custom message;
  • Press transfer.

If you received files from a mobile device, noProcessor Don’t worry: by clicking the button Download Tamil You will be redirected to the official WeTransfer website where you can download the content on your computer.

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WeTransfer Free vs WeTransfer Pro

As expected, a paid version of the service is available, if necessary to send large files. Over there Pro version Allows you to convert files up to 20GB in size and up to 100GB of cloud storage.

Also, unlike WeTransfer Free, it is possible Protect files with encryption and passwords Send the document to 100 different recipients with one click.

The service costs only 12 euros per month with the possibility of an annual subscription.