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Spotify Fusion

What are Spotify Links and how to create one with your friends

We tell you everything you need to know about this new Spotify feature to share our music with another person.

Today’s largest music streaming site, Spotify, is constantly improving the functionality of its service, allowing Clubhouse to launch its own alternative, the Greenroom, and download songs on the Internet. Has announced a new feature called “Mergers”, which, as the name implies, combines the music tastes of two users into one playlist.

Next, we will explain in detail what Spotify “links” are and how to create one with your partner or best friend.

Thanks to the new spotify feature called “Mergers”, we can share our music with others.

What is Spotify “Links”?

Spotify “Merge” is nothing more than music content between your account and any other contact you call, a new feature that allows us to create a generic list of songs for a friend or parent.

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This way, Spotify will create a customized playlist with the songs you both like, analyzing the common tastes of the two participants in this link.

Please note that these “links” only apply to two people and the other will see both your name and your profile picture once the link is complete.

How to create “Fusion” on Spotify

The steps we need to follow to create a “link” with another user are:

  • Please check that we have updated the Spotify app to the latest version.
  • Open the app and go to the search area.
  • In this section, click on the section specifically for you.
  • Click the Create Link option.

If we follow these simple steps we will have to wait until the other person accepts our invitation and immediately a shared playlist will be created which we can only access.

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Finally, you can opt out of this “fusion” at any time, as well as add or download it on our profile, however you can get it cheap only if you have a premium account by following this comprehensive guide.

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