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Xbox Game Boss Enriched with new topics September 2021, With The first volume of free games For subscribers, the beginning of the month is already destined to enter the table, which is a small group of eight topics of considerable interest, mainly coming from the indie scene.

There are many introductions on The first day Especially before indie games, such as Artful Escape and Grophobia (the latter in early access), Final Fantasy XIII was added as a classic title belonging to the Triple A group, continuing with the revival of the series within the Xbox Game Boss list.

The first sports games on the Xbox Game Boss, September 2021

Let’s see what happens in the next few days:

  • Croftopia (Game Preview) – Cloud, Xbox and PC, September 2
  • Final Fantasy XIII – Xbox e PC, 2 settembre
  • Symptoms of Sojourner – Cloud, Xbox and PC, 2 September
  • Surgery Simulator 2 – Cloud, Xbox and PC, 2 September
  • Crown Trick – Xbox and PC, September 7
  • Breathless – Cloud, Xbox and PC, September 9
  • Atomic Throne – Xbox e PC, 9 September
  • Artistic Escape – Xbox e PC, 9 September

So a lot of indie games are coming out of the ID @ Xbox program this early September. Considering that this order only lasts until the 9th of the month, it is safe to expect it Second distribution It will probably be released in the middle of the month, and the news will come at the end of September, probably.

Meanwhile, we recall that the second batch of games for subscribers was released in August 2021, in addition, Red Dead Online also appeared in the released games.

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