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Bose QC 45

Bose Quitcomfort 45: The new king of headphones?

After weeks, months or years of rumors, it is finally official! Bose has introduced its new high-end headphones Quiet comfort45, Or QC45 for close friends. This helmet would be great QC 35 II Launched in 2017, it also offers some irresistible arguments, including lower prices than its predecessors.

Credit: Pose

Instead of completely redesigning the headphones, Bose chose to pursue it. Therefore, the design is almost identical to the design of the QC 35 II, except that the Quitcomfort 45 can be folded to take up less space in a bag. Otherwise, Bose modifies some material and has solid sound properties. For controls, Bose always relies on the buttons placed on the two ear cups of the headphones.

Bose QC45
Credit: Pose

Quiet Comfort 45 has active noise reduction where it should be a game converter. QC 35 was already a benchmark in this area Headphones 700. Otherwise, Bose speaks proudly “Instant silence everywhere”. We will have the opportunity to verify this when it is released when it is scheduled for 30 349.95 on September 30th.

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