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MIUI 12.5 Fixed | Xiaomi Mi 9 Updates for | Download Tamil

Yesterday it was once M9d, Today Mi10d in Europe Even now Xiaomi Mi9 Start getting updates MIUI 12.5 Fixed. In this way, Xiaomi is starting to bring its latest major update even beyond the previous two generations range. Up to her Android update policy Not excited, MIUI updates have been carried out for a long time. This way, even the 2019 primary owners can update to the latest version of its proprietary UI.

The MIUI 12.5 standard update for the Xiaomi Mi 9 begins

xiaomi miui 12.5

If you follow the Xiaomi update dynamics, you can guess that the update for MIUI 12.5 for Xiaomi Mi 9 is not yet ubiquitous. For now, the roll-out is China is stable, With creation V12.5.3.0.RFACNXMSo, we still have to wait for global and EEA users. But you are not waiting for us, if you still want to try the new UI, you can download and install the ROM manually:

How to Install MIUI 12.5

For now, the MIUI 12.5 ROM is only available in China Stable format, so without the Italian language and Google services by default. This means that if you have a Global or EEA ROM, you must first do so to switch to the China branch Unlock the boot loader. Once unlocked, you must switch Custom recovery TWRP Compatible with your model to install ROM. These steps include Designing Memory, so make a backup of the data you want to keep if needed.

At this point, download Recovery ROM Copy it to its internal memory for your smartphone. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Turn off your smartphone and start it Fastboot mode
  • Connect to PC via USB
  • In the ADB folder (usually “Platform Tools“) Hold down the Shift key and right-click on an empty space and select”Open the PowerShell window here
  • Enter command “Fastboot Devices ” Check that the smartphone is properly exposed (an alphanumeric string should appear)
  • Enter command “fastboot boot recovery twrp.img“(Enter the correct name of the TWRP file you are using instead of” Twrp “) and press Enter while holding down the Volume Up key to launch the smartphone in TWRP mode.
  • From the TWRP screen “Install”And select the recovery ROM file
  • Start the installation process and restart your smartphone

MIUI 12.5 Changelock

  • Organization
    • The gesture response is now instantaneous
    • With 20x extra rendering power, there are now some limitations that you can see on the screen.
    • With custom changes based on device model, any phone gets faster after the update.
    • MIUI will become lighter, faster, and more durable.
  • Computer animations
    • A new animated framework makes the movement more realistic.
    • The new UI design focuses on realistic visualization and interaction with the device.
  • Computer sounds
    • Landscape blend is an amazing new way to create your own announcement sound system.
    • Hundreds of computer sounds representing animals from all over the world.
    • The stereo system sounds.
  • Super wallpaper
    • Super Wallpaper del Monte Sigunyang.
  • Privacy protection
    • Now you can see which applications can access your clipboard and restrict access to them.
    • Using approximate location adds points to privacy protection.
    • You can independently manage important permissions and related usage behavior.
    • The behavior of web pages is also monitored, which helps prevent unwanted and malicious activities.
    • You need to decide who and when to monitor your online behavior.
    • All apps now come with GetApps security report.
    • Privacy Risk Scanner.
    • Check which apps you can access and delete from your gallery.
    • Complete overview of all key permissions.
    • You will be notified whenever high risk permits are used and actions associated with it may be prevented.
    • A new page on privacy protection.
  • Note
    • Write mental maps with complex structures.
    • New tools for writing and drawing.
    • Press and hold a sketch to fix the stroke automatically.
    • A gesture shortcut now allows you to create notes, tasks and areas anywhere.
    • Portions store texts, URLs, and images with some simple palettes of notes.
    • Dynamic layouts take typography to new heights in notes.
    • Completely new tips.
  • MIUI +
    • You can connect your phone and computer to a workstation.
    • You can find MIUI notifications and open phone applications on your computer.
    • You can transfer applications from phone to computer.
    • Items copied on the phone can now be pasted into the computer and vice versa.
    • Photos and screen shots from a mobile device can be used instantly on a computer.
    • Web pages can be moved seamlessly from one device to another.
    • You can transfer files to your mobile device using your computer’s “MIUI +” panel.
    • New “File Manager” and “Notes” for the system.
  • Mobile windows
    • Instant messengers now support floating windows.
    • You can quickly replace floating windows with fullscreen versions of apps.
    • Application flash cards display important information when viewed as floating windows.
    • Learn more about new features in “Special Features”.
  • Siomi Health
    • You can now measure your heart rate using a camera.
    • Manually record your running, walking and cycling exercises and enjoy the many online training lessons.
    • Automated training authentication is now more accurate.
  • Home screen
    • Ripple animation for app download.
    • “Explosion” animation for uninstalling applications.
    • New design for application folders.
    • Vertical layout for latest.
  • Acting
    • The aspect ratio is automatically adjusted on the external monitor during transmission.
    • Application audio that is streaming in a floating window is separate from other audio.
  • Xiaomi Cloud
    • Password Manager Cloud allows you to save passwords.
    • You can share the device’s location with others in your family sharing group.
    • Location information is automatically recorded before the device is turned off.
    • Convert images to PDF.
  • My carrier
    • You can now manage multiple SIM cards.
  • NAME
    • The most convenient way to move the cursor using the scroll bar.
    • Functional buttons support switching between languages ​​and keyboards.
    • You can also press the function buttons to access more functions.
    • Custom keyboard themes.
  • Titles
    • Third-party font weight adjustment options.
    • Customization features for computer wallpapers, animations and sounds.
  • Browser
    • Wallpaper customization in Lite mode.
    • Redesigned incognito mode.
    • Pages load faster now.
  • My family
    • You can now manage multiple SIM cards.
    • Device control center updated.
  • Research
    • Local search results are now sorted automatically.
    • All new design.

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