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Web Browser with Xbox Cloud Gaming xCloud on PC | Xbox One

Web Browser with Xbox Cloud Gaming xCloud on PC | Xbox One

Since the start of the 2020 school year, xCloud has been officially available on many devices. Accessible mainly on Android mobiles, Xbox Cloud Gaming should be extended to PCs, smart TVs and Apple devices in the future. In the case of the Apple brand, the deployment was more complicated than expected due to the rules imposed by the App Store. To overcome this problem, Microsoft plans to offer a version of xCloud that is directly accessible through our web browser.

The first images of xCloud via web browser

Today, it releases a little more of this version designed for giant browsers. By site On the edge, We have now found the first images of the service defined in chromium browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Like the version available on Android, the xCloud Xbox Game in the browser chooses a sleek look with instant access to pass games. There is a list of various suggestions and recently launched topics, and you only need to connect a compatible Bluetooth controller to play full screen through the browser. As Tom Warren points out, we still have little information about technical details such as resolution and video stream framerate. As a reminder, xCloud will eventually deliver Xbox Series X Plutted Qless Xbox One S. Currently in use, it will allow us to access the best versions of our favorite games.

Shortcuts iPhone and iPod

As we have already mentioned, Microsoft ran on app store rules When providing xCloud on iOS. The arrival of a solution through the browser can avoid this problem in order to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the service, regardless of the device.

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For now, xCloud via the browser is still in the testing phase, but the first public preview is expected in the spring. Let’s look for the little details about the arrival of new ways to play Xbox game pass games.

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