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Despite the disappointment, the Apple Mini syllabus is UR UR

Despite the disappointment, the Apple Mini syllabus is UR UR

Beware of small shots friends: Apple may be planning a mini version of its future iPhone 13 series. Although sales of the iPhone 12 Mini in the United States have stagnated, the manufacturer seems to be sticking to the concept of a pocket smartphone.

The current iPhone 12 series came with a mini version for the first time – it was not so well received, at least in the US. The Sales of the iPhone 12 Mini overseas are currently very poorAccording to rumors, Apple does not want to continue to make small portable smartphones. Well-known leak and Apple affiliate John Fraser’s current rating is even more astonishing: according to him, Apple is planning the iPhone 13 mini along with the premium models of the upcoming smartphone series.

IPhone 13 Mini – Where did the heart change come from?

John Froser is surprised by his mini leak, but there are indications that it could be used as a factor in Apple’s steps: according to Kismosina, it should not have direct heirs IPhone SE Give. Popular classic and the new version of it IPhone 12 Mini Currently the only Apple cell phones with smaller display, so they are in direct competition. Still, Apple seems to have a plan for the future SE. According to Kismochina, an iPhone SE Plus is planned – an updated SE with one or the other additional features in a way.

IPhone SE and without it IPhone 12 There will be no pocket cell phone in the mini range. What should not cause so much pain in the United States should not be reduced so much better in other parts of the world. There are still a few lovers in Germany Cell phones with display diagonals up to 5 inches. That’s why Apple continues to make a small iPhone. The manufacturer may surprise you with an innovative idea for the next mini iPhone. Good to know: The naming of the future portable cell phone is not yet finalized. According to Kismosina, the iPhone 13 could also become the iPhone 12S.

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