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WDR sticks on "Blackfacing": "We still have a lot to do" - Media - Community

WDR sticks on “Blackfacing”: “We still have a lot to do” – Media – Community

For some time now, Westteacher Rundfunk has been following this plan: Broadcast first and then think. It was “Oma-Kate”, racist talk and was currently at the carnival. The TV set of previous festival shows included a charge sheet by a broadcaster with a notice board. This sequence shows the controversial practice of “blackfacing” which is considered racist: whites were shown with black makeup on the carnival stage. In the public broadcaster’s media library, “Jet So Fire! It is best to look at a bulletin board instead of pictures of being ordered ‘against the severity of the animal’ while the sound continues.

The board says: “This video contains an excerpt from 2010. It shows people who have ‘blackfacing’ on stage. ‘Blackfacing’ is now being properly criticized and angered at the festival. The scene should not be included in the package. “

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The show aired on WDR TV on Sunday night. Then came the criticism on Twitter. The WDR responded by tweeting: “Something like this should not happen to us – especially after last week’s debates. It shows that we have a lot more to do here. “

The end of Gypsy Sauce

There have already been criticisms of racism in a recent WDR broadcast. The end of January showed the “last event” of the panel discussion again. Host Stephen Hallaska discusses social issues with guests Mickey Bisenhers, Thomas Kotzchack, John Kunze and Jர்கrgen Milsky: “Gypsy Sauce Decision: Is It a Necessary Action?” One aspect of the critique was discussed as discussion, including the question of. Exclusive directed by white guests. The broadcaster admitted the mistakes and the reviewer and some of the talking guests apologized.

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Thomas Kotzchak wrote in a guest post on “Wealth in Sondak”: “As far as the Z-word from the” last event “is concerned, I gave the green light to the expression that I will show a red card in the future, and I promise not to use the unfortunate word again. “(with dpa)