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We will probably make this mistake if our iPhone battery runs out too fast

We will probably make this mistake if our iPhone battery runs out too fast

Even though we recently bought a new iPhone, we feel that the battery will not last long. Yet we do not seem to use as many applications as we can manage as games with high quality graphics. We watch social media, text friends and some videos. So how is it possible for the percentage to fall so fast?

In fact it may be the fault of some factors that are not dependent on our use of the smartphone. In fact we may be dependent on continuous research of the network, even if we are in a small field area. Ours Skills It uses the battery by constantly searching for the signal. It is a good idea to set airplane mode if you have been in an unprotected area for a long time. So we will protect the battery for a long time until we return to the place where the coverage is.

We will probably make this mistake if our iPhone battery runs out too fast

On the other hand, if our problem is recent enough, it may be due to a new update. But not much can be done in this case, we will have to wait for the battery to re-calibrate. Here we have explored the topic you need to know if your iPhone has battery issues after the update.

But when none of the previous cases have occurred, what does it depend on? Here, we usually get used to reading online only about ways to improve battery performance. But some are wondering how to avoid spoiling it too soon. In fact, it is precisely our small gestures that can contribute to the deterioration of battery capacity.

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Usually when we see that we have more applications open we will start closing them all at once. While this is useful in some ways, it may cause the battery to run out in others. When an application is in the background, that means it is “open” it is already loaded into our phone’s RAM. So switching between applications is not only practical and fast for us, but also process.

On the other hand, each time we consume more battery. You need to close the phone app and reopen it. If we repeat this gesture several times during the day, the battery will run out at any time. If we want to protect the battery, we will not close the background processors we use often. You can open them to facilitate the multi-tasking process and save battery.

More precautions

So, we will probably make this mistake if our iPhone battery runs out too fast. But without letting them all open, we will close the ones that were only used or stopped once. We also check that the applications are up to date to avoid further errors. Thus prolonging the life of our battery.

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