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Internal plans, revenue from streamers, source code, a big leak reveals everything

Internal plans, revenue from streamers, source code, a big leak reveals everything

Twitch seems to have fallen victim to a major hack. An archive of more than 100 GB can be downloaded from the Internet and contains all of Twitch’s confidential information, from source code to streamers’ revenue.

Twitch: Internal plans, streams revenue, source code, a major leak all seem to be revealed

This information spread on social websites like Wildfire. Torque If we believe the first information that has already been extracted from the leak in question it seems to have fallen victim to the gigantic hack. Shared in obscure 4chan forum, which Leakage There will be a lot of confidential information over 100 GB. According to the author of the post, the archive contains the following:

  • All source code for Twitz from its inception;
  • Income information from streamers from 2019;
  • Source code for Twitch mobile and console applications;
  • Code for AWS SDKs and services used by Twitch;
  • “Other Twitch Properties” including IGDB and CurseForge database;
  • A competitor to Steam created under the codename Amazon Spirit;
  • Twitch’s internal tools to improve service security.

In addition to all these elements, Internet users specify passwords. ” Statistics Will also be part of the leak. The contents of the archive have not yet been verified by Frontroid, but the titles of the documents match the information above.

Change your passwords

Beyond incomeStreamersThe most popular are already widely shared on social networks, which are subject to worrying passwords. So as a precaution we recommend changing your password to access your Twitch account.

How to change your password

To change the password, the process in Twitch is very simple.

  1. Let’s meet inside Account Settings, Section “Security and Privacy”
  2. Choose “Change Password
  3. Enter your current password
  4. If this function is enabled, enter your authentication code in 2 steps
  5. Enter your new password
  6. Is valid

If this is not done we also recommend running two-step authentication. The easiest way is to pass By the use of Ati.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Steam, etc. All of these services use two-factor authentication – or two-factor security or 2FA – to protect their users’ accounts and here’s how to enable it.
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