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Canon objectif VR fisheye

Strange, this new Canon lens is a little revolutionary

Presented by Canon A new goal To come in the range of products compatible with EOS R., its full-frame mirrorless cameras will be fitted with a new bezel. Judging by her first examples, she is not a classic goal.

Her name? Le RF5.2mm F2.8. A double fish with a focal length of 5.2 mm, packed in a single lens. His use: Create Virtual Reality (VR) content Without additional material. The recorded files are compatible with Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

about this “The world’s first transferable digital lens capable of capturing 180 ° 3D stereoscopic images with a single image sensor in VR virtual reality”, Presented by Canon last night. Priced at $ 1,999 and compliant Or Canon EOS R5 According to the latest information. Its release is scheduled for December 2021. Other cameras, such as the EOS R6 and EOS R3, may be compatible in the future.

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Create 3D VR, 180

With its release, Canon has used all the tools available to properly process these files in virtual reality different from classic video. Just like the Premiere Pro package gets a special plugin, the Canon EOS R5 VR will receive a software update to integrate the recording mode. A file converter called EOS VR Utility has also been announced.

Finally, the files attached to this new sensor EOS R5 may be in 8K format. The two fish sensors are 60mm apart and they can shoot 3D VR content. The actual record for an accessory that is less difficult to transport than normally required in 3D VR shooting is 180 degrees.

In competition, there is the Insta360 Pro 2, which is equivalent to the Insta360, which is also a movie for 8K Virtual reality content. It can usually shoot 360 degrees, although it is usually looking for VR content shoots, which is even less practical and compact than the simple sensor you add to your camera.

With its new lens, Canon can appeal to image professionals who want to explore new formats and companies to promote their products and services.

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