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Warning sounds from Thomas Basket International Space Station (photos)

Warning sounds from Thomas Basket International Space Station (photos)

This Tuesday, August 4th, Thomas Baskett shared impressive and confusing photos on his Instagram account. The astronaut wanted to inform internet users about global warming.

From April 23, Thomas Baskett Continues Alpha Mission at the International Space Station (ISS). Work to be extended over six months This has already allowed him to go into space five times Install solar panels. When he has some time, the astronaut regularly shares photos of Earth on social media. After disclosure The French clip we have never seen During the July 14 national holiday, he celebrated the introduction of his space counterparts to French culture. Assistant to Anne Mottat Made web users travel To pay homage to the Olympics in Athens.

Thomas Baskett Witness “Extreme weather events

This Wednesday, August 4, Thomas Baskett started a warning on his Instagram account. Published by Scientist High aerial views of Turkey, Currently in the grip of a deadly fire, and Hurricane ElsaIt hit the Caribbean a month ago. A way for him to warn about the effects of climate change. “Vision that hurts your heart Who is inviting you to join your associates behind the window … Even though we are far from the station, extreme weather events are frightening: We know that their increased frequency and magnitude is due to global warming And people are threatened as observed from Earth’s orbit“, He wrote in a long message in the title of his publication.

There are ways to act

Two recent examples: Wildfires in Turkey in recent days, smoke spreading to the Mediterranean, and Hurricane Elsa in the Caribbean last month. UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 is clear: Take * emergency * action to combat climate change and its consequences“, Thomas Basket continues. And concludes:”There are some ways to act, I am very rational and it seems to me that it is better to ask professionals who work on a daily basis.. “

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