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The new function deletes photos and videos once viewed

The new function deletes photos and videos once viewed

From Rhonda Packman
WhatsApp gets a new functionality with the update. You can give the option to disappear from the chat once you have seen the photos or videos taken directly via Messenger. In this one view, users should have more control over their privacy.

A new functionality is to be added to the WhatsApp Messenger app. To Self-deleting messages Media such as photos and videos will now automatically disappear from chats. To do this, the relevant data is sent as a single view and its name is mentioned: once viewed, photos and videos are automatically deleted. It works directly with Messenger and other data recorded media with data and applications.

Photos and videos used as a single view should not be stored in photos or in the respective recipient’s gallery. This data cannot be saved, shared, shared, or manually starred. Media sent as a single view can only be opened once, after which they will automatically disappear from the chat.

According to WhatsApp, the new functionality should help users gain more control over their privacy. However, in the official FAQ about the new activity, the company states that the recipient Screen shot at any time anyway Or take a media file screen capture. The company did not include a screenshot lock, which is already included with other applications. Other services issue at least one notification as soon as the other person takes a screenshot of the content. For example on Instagram, like WhatsApp, it is a part of Facebook.

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