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How to save photos received by email in Google Photos?

How to save photos received by email in Google Photos?

Sharing photos by email seems to be a habit of the past. Still, there are undoubtedly email fanatics among your loved ones who, when they share photos, fill you with emails full of photos that end up deep in your inbox or in the worst case directly in the recycle bin.

A few weeks ago Google announced the use of a new option, similar to the existing Google Drive, to store photos received by email directly on Google Photos to prevent these heartfelt shared photos from being forgotten.

Find out more in the video:

1. Open the photo link

Launch your favorite web browser, sign in to your Gmail inbox, and then open the email with the attached photos.

2. Save pictures

You have several options for storing images as attachments in Google Photos.

First, click on the featured Google Photos icon, hovering over the thumbnail of the image.

Second, open Image Preview in Gmail and then click the Customize button. You only have to choose to save the image in Google Photos.

Be careful, however, that you must repeat the process for each image received as email attachments.

Google has not yet integrated the option to save all attached photos as email attachments at once, however this option can be used for Google Drive or download all files at once.

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