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Walheim, tried new survival and landed in tested steam

Walheim, tried new survival and landed in tested steam

We tried a new life, Wolheim, based on Norse mythology, which was initially launched on steam.

In Walheim The player plays a common hero or heroine who must prove his worthiness to the gods, escaping the dangers of the Tenth Nordic World, which will give the game its title. You can imagine smelling the stench of already living. Don’t worry, because the nose doesn’t disappoint you: that’s the type. In fact, the main purpose is to build a shelter full of tools that will be useful for defending itself and using more and more powerful equipment to hunt down different mythical creatures.

Hell, the kingdom of the dead, waits eagerly for the losers, while Odin’s lounge bar Valhalla welcomes the heroes, who can prove to be the fastest and most powerful double ax in creation. Ours is ours Tried the early access version of Walheim, Launched Steam, To use a quote that three people understand, we still need to find out whether we are men or corporators.



After a long flight, a gigantic black crow puts us in the depths of a forest. We are almost completely Discounts And without any evidence. We can only trust our fists. With vigilance in survival, we look around and immediately notice some nice bushes from which we make sticks. There are also stones on the ground, which collect immediately. Since we only have inventory, who knows where our inventory is … but do not waste time with useless questions, because it is time to create the first useful items: a wooden club, good to defend against weak enemies, a torch and some work very useful ax-like tools . Using it, we cut down the trees that give the logs. We collect some material, follow the advice of a black crow on a regular scale and look for a suitable place to build, he explains how to take the first steps in the world of speculation.

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The Construction system Walheim is very intuitive and resilient flexible: parts of buildings can be rotated and repaired on existing structures without any difficulty. All materials are adjustable so they can be used in the most imaginative ways. It is, however, the first material used to make a shelter worthy of the name, so rocks and other advanced resources are exploited.

The early access version did not provide all the content of the final content, but it did allow us to get an accurate idea of ​​the living area, as seen in other layers of the genre. . There is only so much health in the interactions with the objects on display, which makes cutting down trees, breaking stones, etc., as well as the opportunity to build boats to travel around the sports world.

The problem is, after a few hours of play, you realize you have a front Sports Very classic, as there have been more over the last few years, we are looking for a reason to continue playing other than stamping a wooden card. It is not clear why those who decide to start a topic with such an elevated genre think of distinguishing it and making it stand out by distinguishing it as a more unique development or a different approach to survival. It is true that gamers are old beggars who, if they are not immediately comfortable with a title, will leave it without many sweets, but sometimes they exaggerate it with conservatism, which risks destroying the benefits done.

The protagonist


Organization Character development This is similar to what is found in other products, with a series of actions that enhance the related actions (it seems to be within Ultima Online, but it is not). The model works and is very easy to master a character, thus speeding up the harvesting and application of raw materials. Fortunately, Walheim has a structure War Slightly more elaborate than the competition based on a combination of attacks, dodges and Barry, which makes some conflicts more technical. It is not very difficult to master, but it gives its satisfaction, especially when you have to face the bosses, creatures bigger and stronger than usual, as their common name implies.

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basically Various The iron gate seems to work well. Of course, the six biomes that can be visited are really common, including forests, dense forests, swamps, deserts and mountains, but they offer a good reason to explore: the search for advanced resources is limited to specific biomes. The map contains structures such as scattered tombs, stone circles, towers or fields in ruins, which provide not only beautiful places to visit, but also a way to justify the existence of large underground dungeons full of enemies and objects. I have to say that Walheim acts as an act: it is not perfect, but it allows itself to play.


Speaking of enemies, the variety is not large, but room for improvement. The most dangerous enemies of the various types of Greatworphs that expand the forest (they are very primitive hostile creatures, but with their own structure, they are divided into characters) and gigantic giants; Or welded shorts; Or the tracker, the undead, can’t wait to get their skin on us; Enough to do and find, but something less predictable is welcome.

Wolheim is a worthy layer of the survival type, with only the most derivative having a real defect. We hope that the final version offers many elements of distinction, thus giving a strong identity to the game, which is not very recognizable at present. Keep in mind that we & # 39; re not faced with a bad topic, so if you & # 39; re not tired of surviving, think about it, and by purchasing it you will only take the early access version home.

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  • Clean and running dynamics
  • War system
  • More has to be said on the Nordic scene


  • Very derivative
  • Will it hold over long distances?