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iCloud keychain: Failure to manage Apple's password on Windows

iCloud keychain: Failure to manage Apple’s password on Windows

Apple will no longer offer to download the latest version 12 of its iCloud tool for Windows 10. Older version 11.6 of iCloud, iCloud Keychain is no longer supported and is now available on the Microsoft Store. What is annoying to users is that the new functionality is still mentioned in the explanatory text, but is not available after installation.

The Chrome extension that brings access data to the browser “iCloud Passwords” is still available in the Chrome Web Store, but would not work without the iCloud Tool that was withdrawn in version 12. Accordingly, there are negative reviews in reviews from confusing users who complain about the lack of functionality.

It is not yet clear why Apple removed the new iCloud version of Windows from the Microsoft Store within a week. Chrome extension users have reported problems displaying passwords. Check to see if there were any errors in the iCloud sync of the access data – no data loss reports yet.

So far, Apple has only provided its password management on its own hardware; It’s integrated into iOS, and on Mac it is part of the Safari browser. The boot under Windows was already flat, as version 12 of the iCloud tool was available a week before the withdrawal, but the Chrome extension for iCloud passwords, which was also required, was followed earlier this week. If you already have iCloud 12 installed, you can already use password management under Windows – as long as there are no problems.

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In the Chrome Web Store, complaints are increasing from Mac users who want to use the Chrome extension for iCloud passwords, but that is not possible. You can install the extension on the MacOS version of Chrome, but it will not work there.


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