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How to record a TV replay show?

How to record a TV replay show?

Were you busy, at work or in the office, or forgot to watch your favorite show or series on your channel? Don’t worry, this article explains how Check out your shows on the resume Favorite and why not download them in a completely legal way.

How do you see your show on the show again?

Who has not missed his favorite show already due to lack of time or forgetfulness, which is often very annoying, but from the look of the balance and replay mode, it put an end to the worries of many.

Replay or commonly called a Re-broadcasting a project, Is a method or method that allows you to watch a TV program, a program, a movie and so on for free after the first broadcast.

How to find all your favorite programs

Did you miss episodes of your series, your football match or the cultural event of the week? Do not panic, because most of these programs are available in a special category in each category, go to the official website and choose:

  • TV series to watch your series again,
  • If you want to run the week again, click on Games, Games,
  • Type of cartoons to re-enable cartoons you missed,
  • You can even watch the news broadcast with a simple click in the JT section.

What are the different reset devices

You have different portals, for example, if your TV is connected to your server or via your laptop, in other words, on different sites of the channels you are used to watching TV shows on, or on your mobile or tablet, if they are connected to a specific server.

Remember that all of these steps must be mandatory Connected to the Internet to access the resume, Once you have a WiFi network, you need to go to different sites of your channels, for example, Arte +, DF1 Replay … You also need to know that you will find your streaming to review missed programs. Programs and you can see unlimited.

Keep in mind that some sites even have bonuses for you, so you can watch without interruption and without any ad interruption.

How to record re-TV show via software?

Save or even See reprint Program, you need to install the software on your phone or laptop.

But the most interesting function is to download your programs.

The software in question is very easy to install. In fact, the latter will create a file on your computer’s desktop, and the latter will have all the tools you need to run the application properly, and it will be available no matter which version you choose. Of the same function.

Once you open the app, you need to select the channel you want to restart and then all the episodes of your project will appear according to the dates and days of the week. You choose the chapter you want to watch or simply want to watch.

Note that after downloading your video, you can choose the quality of the viewing and the quality of the subtitles. You can add players for your video playback, between the app’s embedded player or on a website.

You will see it all Videos you downloaded On the download tab of your application interface, on the other hand if you want a live recording you have to select the channel you want by right clicking and you choose the recording option so the recording of your video will start.

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Now if you want to see it is very easy View option Related reader, software embedded reader or webpage or on your own PC reader.