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Version 5.0 available (it's free)

Version 5.0 available (it’s free)

During the holidays, we forget everything. Ms. to publish essential information. So, if you like big crystal balls … let’s use the weekends to come to one of the completely free games to download.

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We have no idea we introduced you yesterday with friend Mimic – gone, but still in our hearts. However, 6 years later, we first entered the 2D fighting game of Hyper Dragon Ball Z, 90s. Did you know he has grown a lot since then?

Indigo Earth

Yes, you should know, focus on knowing it exists. This free replacement Dragon Ball Fighter Z is long before its time, and its developers continue to enrich it to refine it. In fact, Knoll, its most recent version came online. So yes, we mean, but for those who do not know, Hyper Dragon Ball Z Built 5.0a, also known as Indigo, is available online. It changes so many things to talk about a new game. To download Hyper Dragon Ball Z in its latest version, all you have to do is Go to this page. Then to enjoy, while waiting for the arrival of Jiren and Black, it is delayed due to what you know. We hope Shuisha is not involved.

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