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ho. Mobile VoLTE

I have. Mobile automatically converts SIM serial code to concerned customers –

Virtual Operator from today 9 January 2021 Ho. Cell phone Has developed a solution to increase the security of their SIMs and to avoid changing the SIM so that the customer can go and recharge.

In fact, from today until 9 January 2021 Ho. Cell phone Sent a new communication to all customers involved From the theft of some data Communicating that you have recreated the SIM serial code.

I Customers I have. The mobile concerned does not have to go for SIM replacement anymore At any time they can see the new 19-digit ICCID serial code to be used during the operator change.

This new code replaces the one printed on the SIM, which means illegal operation, so it will no longer have any value.

SMS sent to my customers here. Related Mobile:

I have. Mobile for your security has recreated the serial code of your SIM. No action is required on your part. New code is always available by sending an SMS to 3424072211 with the word “serial” when needed. For more information go to or call 421118. We apologize for the inconvenience these days.

The news comes a few days later Formalization by Ho. Cell phone, Which happened with the announcement of 4 January 2021, Illegal activity of unknown persons (Appeared on the web a few days ago) This led to Stealing some data from a part of its customer site, Based on this Personal information (Name, surname, phone number, social security number, email, date of birth and place of birth, nationality and address) and ai Sim’s technical data.

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Traffic data (such as phone calls, SMS and web transactions) and bank data or any customer payment method data were not stolen.

One of the recommended settings To prevent Any scams, Like this SIM Swap, It Change your SIM To replace the ICCID serial.

After searching long queues and replacement SIM cards across Italy, Vodafone Italy’s 100% controlled VEI’s virtual operator has decided to enable automatic conversion of the SIM serial for the first time without the need for modification. Sim himself.

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Sent communication is here Ho. Cell phone Among its community officials:

We apologize if it took longer than usual to answer your questions. We work tirelessly on many fronts and continue to collaborate with judicial authorities and guarantee privacy. We have concentrated our efforts on providing authorized sales points with SIM cards and apologize for the inconvenience these days.

In parallel, we have developed an innovative solution to increase security: we have re-created the SIM serial code for all concerned customers, they will be notified via SMS today and will be able to receive the new serial code at any time that can be used during the transition. Operator. This new code replaces the one printed on the SIM, which means illegal operation, so it will no longer have any value.

Howe’s team. Mobile will always be for you.

Serial (19 digit ICCIT) has been changed for customers only Ho. Cell phone To whom the SMS was sent.

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Customers I have. If the mobile in question is portable to another operator, you can request a new serial by sending an SMS with the text “TV series“From your SIM to 3424072211. Mobile.

For more information, Virtual Operator has created a dedicated free number 421118, Is only valid if you contact him from a sim ho. Cell phone.

To customers Ho. Cell phone Anyone requesting portability to another operator in the previous days can go to KO with the following reason for rejection of portability request “Conflict between ICCD and MSISDN“.

In this case it is necessary to contact the customer service of the target operator to reconnect the entered data with the new serial number and resubmit the new portability request. However, it is necessary to wait for the effect of portability before reactivating a new event.

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