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Technical analysis of the demo reveals the resolution and framerate -

Technical analysis of the demo reveals the resolution and framerate –

VG Technology Channel has released the first edition on YouTube Technical analysis Of Demo de Monster Hunter Rise To the Nintendo Switch. For beginners, this is the new, highly anticipated episode of Capcom’s monster hunting series, exclusively for Nintendo’s hybrid console at the end of March. This initial analysis, done in a demo available for a few days on the Nintendo ESHO, revealed that the game always manages to maintain 30 frames per second. A good result, however, was obtained at the expense of the resolution. Monster Hunter Rice, in fact, runs on one 1344×756 Resolution (Provided at 1920×1080 with user interface) In chopped mode, the resolution is reduced to 960×540 when moving (provided at 1280×720 with UI).

To know all the news and our opinions in this demo, we recommend reading the tried and tested Monster Hunter Rice demo.

Out of the four travelers who could try this demo version, Viji Tech was able to expand the channel first. Technical data Sports. Preliminary data show that this is version 1.0.0 of Monster Hunter Rice and that there are still two months to release it on March 26, but in the meantime it will not regret it.

However it is good to note that the game already runs at 30 frames per second Install, Turn Monster Hunter Rice into an interesting experience in any situation. The overall presentation, despite the low clarity, seems rather believable.