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Trump was angry

USA, latest move after Trump’s release: Death of friendship

2021 is a turbulent and controversial start for Donald Trump. The final weeks of the actual presidency are characterized by rumors of the Capitol Hill conflict, the indictment and its future.

Former US President (Getty Images)

Like it or not, the beginning of the year is also marked (and) Donald Trump. More than 20 days after Biden’s official inauguration at the White House, especially long after the final phase of the US presidency, there is still talk of the US president and his political and non-political events. Recently Trump He was acquitted of the chargesheet, which was filed after the Capitol Hill incident.

The former president was primarily responsible for the attack on Congress by his supporters Trump The same “Rebellion“Further votes should not be accepted. 57-43 voted in favor of the Government.”Was released“Donald must have received at least 67 votes from all charges.

Acquired by the impeachment process, Trump is now considering running for the next election, in order to return to occupy the Oval Room chair. In all of this, however, the Chancellor “Take it out“One of his closest associates: Rudy Giuliani.

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Trump “kills” Giuliani: announcement

One of the primary lawyers on the Law Committee of Trump During his administration it was definitely Rudy Giuliani. Former New York Mayor “Fought“With entrepreneurs, especially in the final stages of his decree, he rewarded Biden instead, with the intent of overthrowing him in court. Recently “Torpedo From the former president: Now he does not represent him in any legal conflict.

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rudi giuliani was surprised
Giuliani – Getty Images

However, Trump wanted to emphasize how the former mayor of New York is a “friend and ally” who, despite Donald declaring himself dissatisfied in the past, was dissatisfied with how Giuliani supported the study of tough elections.