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Project Triangle Strategy on Nintendo Switch Announced by Square Enix, Demo Available –

Project Triangle Strategy This is new Strategic RPG Announced Square Enix For the Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Direct tonight, it was scheduled to arrive in 2022, but one Free demo It is already available in these hours.

This is another topic that follows the mixed structure between 2D and 3D Also found in the Octopus Traveler, but in this case the game system still seems to be set Strategy The classic of tactical RPGs of Japanese descent refers to the previous title, especially the graphic style.

The project triangular strategy is characterized by a particularly developed descriptive molecule that focuses on land torn apart by a long war and a History It can take different paths depending on the choices made by the player.

Conflicts will still be the focus of attention, with events with the possibility of adopting different approaches leading to different conclusions with reflections on the history and game world, gathering the legacy of some strategic square Enix titles such as the popular Final Fantasy Tactics.

To learn more, you can Download Tamil Free demo of Project Triangle Strategy from Nintendo Eshop, this game is still in development for a while,Exit Only scheduled 2022.

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