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Xbox Series: Microsoft Improves Backwards Compatibility with FPS Boost Mode

Xbox Series: Microsoft Improves Backwards Compatibility with FPS Boost Mode

Already taking advantage of various technological advantages such as texture filtration, fluid stabilization, improved load times and quick restart, Xbox One running games on the Xbox series, it seeks to push back the hitherto irreversible limit without requiring or updating additional work from developers. From the players. In fact, the FBS Boost mode allows some games that are generally designed to go up to 60 frames per cap at 60 frames per second, which is the usual lagging compatibility that has not yet been achieved regardless of the platform, and in no case without the special optimization of the developers.

With FPS Boost on the Xbox series, it’s like a game Sniper Elite 4 Therefore, it goes from 30 to 60 images per second New Super Lucky Tale More discourse as the platform game is now played at 4K and 120 frames per second. Tests performed Digital To confirm the success of these early examples, the FPS laments the small size of the list of games currently benefiting from Boost. Microsoft like its specifications Official press release, This technology cannot be applied to all topics.

Holds Xbox Series Players For Cry4, New Super Lucky Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC4 Or Watch Dogs2 Let’s try the benefits of FBS Boost on Xbox One now. Microsoft certainly promises that this mediocre list will only mark the beginning of its new endeavor and that the next selectors will include games that will appear on the Xbox Game Boss list. New icons and commitment parameters will appear in a future system update in the spring, which will see which topics benefit from this boost of fluidity. In fact, for FPS Boost and Auto HDR, simply enter the “Manage Game” section to access the options to enable or disable another attempt. Made Microsoft.

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