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Unusual: IKEA allows gamers to choose TV sets with dummy next-generation consoles

Unusual: IKEA allows gamers to choose TV sets with dummy next-generation consoles

With the battle for the next gen consoles now underway, fans are scrambling to get their hands on precious machines. This is not easy Sales can sometimes turn into drama Or you should Buy a car Get your hands on one of these sites. However, Ikea Takes the lead, so wants to help players.

In fact, an internet user Tomako tastes lychee Posted Reddit More or less weird photo. According to the film, The Swedish company seems to have designed the card models of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X This allows customers to place them on furniture and find space that will occupy their living room for the next few years. The company allows a small spade against the design of both machines As it is written on the PS5 model: “Which IKEA media storage unit can fit into my new, meme-ish zoomed, game console?” “In French, it says: ‘What new IKEA living room furniture can accommodate my new, but gigantic game console? ” There is no further information about the country where the alleged photo was taken It also looks like cardboard models are no longer available in French stores.

Xbox Series S is available Amazon 9 to 299.99.

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