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Anticipazioni Uomini e Donne trono over: Maurizio Guerci scarica Gemma Galgani (dopo che aveva preferito non trascorrere le feste natalizie con lei). Riccardo Guarnieri e Roberta Di Padua continuano a frequentarsi.

Men and Women, January 4 Record: Maricio “unloads” Gemma

Progress Ricardo Gurnieri and Roberta de Badua continue to meet.

Men and women, Created and hosted the popular dating show Maria de Philippi, Return to screens Channel 5 Meanwhile, records of the next episodes of Classic Throne and Trono Over, Is its big star Gemma Kalkani.

In an episode recorded on Tuesday, December 29, the Turin woman announced that she had not spent the Christmas holidays with Knight Mauricio Kurzi and had not even asked him on the phone. An exciting fact, especially if you think the two recently spent a night in love together.

The Registered on Monday, January 4th The two seem to have ended their acquaintance, as announced by “Il Vicolo delle News”, which has made further progress in the matter. On Boxing Day, when the two were on the phone, Intercom ring at Mauricio’s house, go and open it He hangs up on the phone Without saying anything else to Gemma. Later, the woman found out It’s a girl, But Maricio explained that he was alone A friend who turned to him for support because he was having a bad time with his family.

No one in the studio believed that story, Because there would be no reason to hang the phone on Gemma’s face. As if that wasn’t enough, the two were away even on New Year’s Day, although the woman wanted to go in the car for the night to clarify the misunderstandings: Marishio refused the plan.

So everything represents the gap between the two, With Marricio who wanted to end his visit by getting insults from men and women studying.

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Expectations Men and Women Throne: Ricardo and Roberta meet regularly

If on the one hand everything seems to be over between Gemma and Maricio, on the other hand, a compromise between Ricardo Gurneri and Roberta de Badua. Both constantly feel and advertise Meet once a week.Men and Women, January 4 Record: Marricio Gemma He says a certain was created between them Complicit, Unlike two years ago (when there was only physical attraction).

However, the woman did not know whether it was good or bad: Both will continue to this day To understand more.