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5 Signs To Understand If The Car Battery Is Low - Pichio News

5 Signs To Understand If The Car Battery Is Low – Pichio News

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5 signs to understand if the car battery is low

You take the car from the mechanic or get a driver’s license and then arrange a short trip out of town to celebrate. However, suddenly, you feel that something is wrong, and then, suddenly, the car stops: what to do in these cases? Of course, the first thing is to open your eyes, because the feelings of stress and loss were only due to your imagination.

Thinking about such a situation has helped you to immerse yourself in what can happen to anyone and at any time. This only applies if you have not fully checked all vehicle systems before departure. There are many who underestimate the review, which Today more than ever It has become mandatory and necessary to move freely in Italy. If there is a police check and it turns out that you have not done anything yet, the penalty is very high: from € 2,000.

As expected, being on the ground with the car battery can happen at any time, perhaps when you are late for work or coming to an important meeting. You get in the car, insert the keys on the dashboard and turn them over, then nothing happens and the car does not start. Most of the time the cause is a flat battery, but the problem can be caused by a few more important issues.

But if you do not know how to feel the difficulty and therefore what to do to understand it, follow us by reading this article.

No ignition

What we are about to tell you may seem trivial in the eyes of those who have already experienced a similar situation. Nevertheless, it is one of the most descriptive and objective signs that allows you to understand that the battery is no longer in use when the car is not starting. To get started, it is necessary to use the electricity generated by the transformer while the engine is running.

So, if the latter is stopped because the battery is faulty or needs to be replaced now it is low, you will most likely face this problem. To avoid wasting money, always remember to do maintenance, check the condition of all components and ask for immediate replacement when the time comes.

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Snail recession

Now, you can say that you put the key on the dashboard and by turning it over, the car was finally able to start. Here, one of the most common symptoms of a flat battery is difficulty in starting the vehicle. It may turn out to be a 5/10 minute oath because after half an hour you have an important meeting.

Typically, the inserted key activates all components of the car, including the spark plugs and starter motor. If it takes several seconds, it is definitely an issue with the faulty battery, so it may not charge or discharge. So, even if you are a beginner and are not familiar with this type of situation, this symptom is one that goes unnoticed.


Of course having another very important clue light under your eyes if the car battery is not working. One of the best known is the alternator symbol, and it can be static or flash. Clearly this clue should always be checked, too Car battery tester, Because it can also be caused by wiring problems. However, it is good to distinguish between two situations that often occur: if there is a flashlight or it comes on when you turn the key, it is 99% charging time.

Weak headlights

Well, you can say that you were able to start the car and everything seems to be fine. Suddenly, however, you realize that the light beam coming from the headlights is less intense and shallow than usual. This can be an important signal to check the battery status. If the latter is exhausted or defective, it may provide less energy than usual to the lighting system. For this reason it is better to prevent before emergency treatment.

Resetting the clock

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The absence of an hourly counter on the dashboard is the last but least impossible sign. For example, if you drive your car and the clock is reset automatically, this may be a small indication that the “Check Battery” light bulb is on. So, never leave out any detail, but always understand what the trigger is and act accordingly to avoid unpleasant situations.