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USB-C 240W

USB-C can go up to 240W

USB-IF has announced a new modification to USB, which will soon accommodate 240W of power.

L ‘USB-C The search for a complete replacement of the old USB-AV on many machines has quietly continued its path, especially at Apple’s MacBook for many years exclusively fitted with this connection (But that may change soon). Now it is finally starting to spread on the computer, and it is used almost exclusively in the world of mobile devices, USB-C is about to become the second to pass.

240W, to power even the most demanding devices

Until now, if USB-C is limited to a maximum of 100W of power, the connection will soon be out of its way “Amendment 2.1”, Announced by the USB Developers Forum (USB-IF) for providing quality Extended power range (EPR).

As a result, USB-C can now go up to 240W, which is more than twice the current power. This will allow for a new range of applications starting with running computer towers, which are currently unsatisfactory with 100W and have a traditional connector for this, or portable machines for gamers, power consumers. Therefore, USB-C will be able to acquire even more land and access the unique and universal cable that includes the promise from its inception.

To use this increased power, it is necessary to ensure that you have equipment that is compatible with the extended power range, the specific logo of which will be affixed with compatible parts and chargers for better navigation.