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Unable to download or save images from Google Chrome on Windows PC

Unable to download or save images from Google Chrome on Windows PC

Google Chrome, like other browsers, offers the option to download or save images from Google Image Search results and other sites. However, some users have reported them Unable to download Where Save pictures Off Google Chrome. If you are experiencing this issue on your Windows 11/10 system as well, the solutions in this article will help you.

Unable to download or save images from Google Chrome

If you can not download or save images or pictures from Google Chrome, one of these suggestions will definitely help.

  1. Clear browsing data
  2. Disable installed extensions
  3. Enable the option for sites to display images
  4. Drag and drop image on desktop
  5. Update Google Chrome
  6. Reinstall the Chrome browser.

Let’s check all these options.

1]Clear browsing data

Clear browsing data

Temporary storage of images and files and / or cookies may be the cause of this problem. If this happens, you will need to clear this browsing data. To do this, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser
  2. Click the button Three vertical points Icon in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser (Customize and control Google Chrome)
  3. Place the mouse cursor over the button More tools Expand menu for it
  4. Click the button Clear browsing data … desire
  5. A clear browsing data pop-up window will open
  6. There, select Cookies and other site data desire
  7. To choose Cached images and files desire
  8. Press the key Clear data Button.

Now wait for the Chrome browser to clear the selected options. After that, restart Chrome browser and now you can download images using Chrome browser.

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2]Disable installed extensions

If this problem occurs due to an extension installed in your Chrome browser, please check if you can download images after disabling that particular extension. So this would be a manual process. Disable the installed extensions one by one and check if the images can be downloaded. If yes, you need to remove this particular extension from your Chrome browser.

3]Enable the option to display sites images

Enable visual images for sites

You may encounter this problem if the option to display images by sites is disabled. So you have to implement Sites can display images desire. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Click the button Customize and control Google Chrome The option (three vertical dots icon) is available in the top right corner of the Chrome browser
  3. Click the button Settings desire
  4. In the Settings window, click the button Security and privacy Type available in the left section
  5. Go on Site settings desire
  6. Scroll down the Site Settings page
  7. Go on Images section
  8. Under Default behavior Select Sites can display images Radio button
  9. Restart the Chrome browser.

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4]Drag and drop the image onto the desktop

This is not a straightforward solution, but it can be useful when other options do not work. All you have to do is hold down an image you want to save (using the left mouse pointer) and drag it to your desktop. Image saved successfully.

5]Update Google Chrome

Sometimes an outdated version of a program or application can cause various problems related to a particular program / app. This can also happen in this case as the images cannot be downloaded or saved from Google Chrome. Keeping programs and other things up-to-date on your Windows 11/10 system helps keep your computer and programs safe most of the time. So that’s good Update Google ChromeCheck if your issue is resolved.

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6]Reinstall Google Chrome

This may be the last solution to follow. If none of the options work, you need to uninstall the Chrome browser on your computer and remove the rest (registry entries, blank folders, etc.). After that, download the Chrome browser system file from its official website and install it.

Hope these solutions help you.

Why can’t I save pictures from Google Chrome?

There may be a reason why images cannot be saved from Google Chrome. For example, this may be due to cache files or cookies, which may be an extension that interferes with the registration process. To fix this issue you can try fixes such as temporarily disabling extensions, updating the Chrome browser, deleting cookies and cache files. All of these solutions are listed by us in the article above.

Why do my downloads fail in Chrome?

If you have trouble downloading images from Google Chrome, you can try options such as clearing browsing data, disabling extensions, updating the chrome browser, and enabling sites for displaying images. However, if your download fails on all types of file types, it could be due to a network failure, the file you are trying to download is no longer available, and there is an error blocking the download because Windows Internet Security may have blocked it. In such cases, you may need to have a virus scan, verify that your IP address is not blocked, remove unwanted software that blocks the download process, verify that you have permission to download the file, increase storage on your computer, etc.

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