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Einhel TE-LD 60 Review: The Laser Rangefinder Who Wants To Do More

Einhel TE-LD 60 Review: The Laser Rangefinder Who Wants To Do More

The Einhel laser rangefinder has the brand’s colors, so it is decorated with red and black. For a model that is not clear at the entry level, the results can be a bit disappointing. The TE-LD 60 is protected by wide strips of soft plastic to absorb shocks during the fall.

For a model that is not clearly aligned with the entry level, the results are very disappointing. On the one hand, the plastic used does not seem particularly strong. On the other hand, the assembly reveals errors that disturb the accuracy of the measurements. In fact, some faces show small changes that create measurement dependencies. The dependence that is important when increasing the distance.

The 2.25 inch screen of the German Rangefinder is displayed in color. It is bright enough to read in direct sunlight. However, its angles are very bad, and it is better to be in front, otherwise the variation will weaken and the screen will be much harder to grasp.

7 buttons are used to control the TE-L 60. They do not stand out much and the device is hard to fly blind. It is also necessary to press the keys hard to take the command into account. However, an audible signal confirms entry.

The menus are very clear and easy to navigate. Different functions are provided in the same panel, and it is enough to press the “+” and “-” buttons to switch from one to the other. Activating Bluetooth, muteing the sound or changing the measurement note can be done in the blink of an eye.

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Einhell TE-LD 60 works with 3 AAA batteries. A choice that finds its interest, especially if one relies on long phases that are not used. Periods in which the batteries can be removed. A rechargeable battery, for its part, can be damaged when left unattended for long periods of time.