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Des sites illégaux de jeux vidéo bloqués par les tribunaux français

Illegal video game sites have been blocked by French courts

A recent decision has ordered French Internet service providers to block access to major international sites that offer pirated Nintendo Switch games.

A Paris court has ordered French Internet service providers to block access to sites that allow pirated Nintendo games to be downloaded, following legal action initiated by Nintendo.

To this end, a Paris court has ordered five major French broadband and mobile Internet service providers, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Free, SFR and SFR Fiber, to block access to five websites in France that provide unauthorized copies of their subscribers’ games. Nintendo Switch:,,, and These sites are well known to users around the world who want to detect and download pirated copies of games for the Nintendo Switch, including the latest headlines. This decision is subject to appeal.

Blocked websites cause significant financial and image damage to all developers and publishers of video games for Nintendo Switch consoles. Nintendo is taking this legal action not only on its own, but also on behalf of the numerous video game developers who make money from the legal sale of games for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo promotes and encourages development and creativity, and strongly supports developers who legally create new and innovative games.

Nintendo urges consumers not to download plagiarized copies of games for the Nintendo Switch, as this may affect the functionality and experience of real Nintendo products, be it video games or Nintendo Switch consoles. For example, downloading and running stolen versions could put a dangerous code on the user’s console and put them at risk.

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For more information on Nintendo’s fight against theft, please see Nintendo Anti-Theft Site.