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TV 55A9G Review: Hissense's first Old TV scores are good

TV 55A9G Review: Hissense’s first Old TV scores are good

Sub Pixels of HighSense TV’s Old Panel produced by LG Display.

It does not use the old panel of CX / C1 models from LG or the Jazz i HighSense TV from Panasonic. We already saw this group on Old TV LG 55P9 The function of the old panel remains the same: each pixel is made up of four sub-pixels (one green, one red, one blue and one white). From 2019, the white and red sub-pixels are great for enhancing the maximum brightness of the panel while maintaining a color temperature close to 6500 K. Like Old technology, angles are better. We only measured a 22% loss in brightness at 45 at, and there was no variation in black – which is absolute.

In filmmaker mode, HighSense TV is well calibrated. We measured an average delta E of 1.9 – which is less than 3 – which makes it possible for those sent by the source to assume that the colors are more real, especially since one color is higher than the delta E of 3. Color temperature is also measured at an average of 6740 K, which is very close to 6500 K of video quality, and has a constant curvature throughout the spectrum. The gamma, measured at 2.36 according to the same observation and reference value with the gray levels, is here again a healthy curve. Finally, like all Old TVs, variation is considered infinite; Blacks black thanks to the individual destruction of each pixel. White, on the other hand, cannot be maintained at 150 cd / m². This is actually 150 CD / M² by our standard, but only 1% of our staff is 17% CD / M வெள்ளை white. The TV seems to work very closely with the APL (automatic brightness limit) and is not easily understood by the Old model.

La version own Ultra HD.
The full HD version is measured on the Ultra HD panel

HighSense does not boast about the power of its processing processor. However, it does an excellent job of scaling the entire HD content on the Ultra HD panel. Scaling in filmmaker mode is very smooth. We do not get the detail or the contrast, but on the other hand, the original image is not distorted. The motion compensation engine helps improve the sharpness of moving objects, but lags behind division leaders LG, Philips, Panasonic and Sony.

The HighSense 55A9G TV is compatible with all HDR formats from Dolby Vision and HDR10 + Dynamic Metadata formats to Classic HDR10 and HLG.

Whether in Filmmaker mode or Cinema Night mode, the HDR signal is not properly managed. With a maximum HDR signal at 10,000 CD / M, the display tone mapping does not actually follow the benchmark EODF curve. Below 45% of the light, the image is very dark, an insult to the Old model that has to handle dark areas very nicely, while at 50 to 75% it glows a little too bright before the picture comes on Clipping (80% from light). Objects that are brighter than 80% light do not differ from each other.

We measured peak brightness at just 602 cd / m; Less than the 700 cd / m காணப்படும் found on most Old TVs. To find a good degree of brightness (728 cd / m²), it is necessary to switch to dynamic mode due to color unreliability. The LG C1 Will be bright with its 740 cd / m². This peak of brightness is very nice, especially in relation to the infinite variation of the Old panel. It shows a dynamic image that highlights HDR content, especially the TV DCI-B3 color space (95%), which is widely used by cinema.

Old technology eliminates post-illumination time, resulting in much less blur behind moving objects. In contrast, the display delay of 26.9 ms is below two frames behind the source (60 Hz). Top TVs like the LG, Samsung or Panasonic models go below a frame delay (16 ms).

Hisense had a good idea to leave the opportunity to activate game mode in any image preset. So can be reducedInput regression When maintaining the color authenticity of Cinema Night or Filmmaker mode. We measured the Delta E at 1.9 on the SDR, similar to the filmmaker mode without the cam mode. On the other hand, if the game mode is enabled on the HDR, the delta power rises to 6.2.

This TV is advertised as compatible with HDMI 2.1’s ALLM, eARC and VRR functions, but it does not support 4K 120 Hz, which is a shame as the panel supports its own frequency of 120 Hz. Variable update rate (VRR) operates in the restricted range of 48 to 60 Hz to avoid image tearing (Tearing) And chocolates (Stuttering). Note that VRR 1080p does not work at 120Hz.

Old Hisons 55A9G TV

Old Hisons 55A9G TV

The HighSense Old TV shows a single design with its Old panel, which acts as a stand for the soundbar. An arrangement that pleases or dislikes, but deserves to be original.

Imposing leg.

This imposes the full width of the imposing foot slab. It definitely doesn’t speak to an actual sound bar as two 30 W speakers are placed on each side. No center speaker for example.

TV from front and profile.

TV from front and profile.

Like all Old TVs, this model is very thin at the top (less than a centimeter thick), but measures 16.6cm at the bottom. Apparently, most of the TV cabinet is related to the foot depth of 27.9 cm, which is the value of a 55-inch TV. So this is our reference 160 x 40 cm TV cabinet at home. The TV is tilted back a few degrees, which is always useful when the TV stand is low and a little low when it is high.

The back of the TV.

The back of the TV.

Cable management system.

Cable management system.

The connection is on the right, the power is supplied on the left and we see compatibility with the Vesa 400×400 support. You can see the loudspeaker in the center and the “Dolby Atmos” speakers on each side (chrome section). The cable management system is large enough to enclose the cables at the back of the stand.

That link.

Connectivity to four HDMI 2.1 inputs (VRR, eARC, ALLM, but not 4K / 120 Hz), a USB 3.0, Ethernet port, optical digital audio output, a hybrid input, a headphone output, a PCMCIA port (CI + Common interface), a rack antenna connection and satellite connection. It has a DVB-T / T2 (TNT), DVB-S / S2 (satellite) and DVB-C (cable) tuner, and Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n and Bluetooth. Wireless audio device (headphones or speaker).

Vita U5.0 interface.

Old Vision TV version 5.0 runs with Vita U in-house operating system. Since 2020, the interface has been clear and highly responsive. The number of apps is lower than Android TV, but we also see some French apps that are more popular (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Raguden TV, Teaser, Redball TV), and RMC Sport or Molotov, but not OCS or MyCanal, for example. . Vita U System now integrates Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Assistants. Just like last year, so did the technologies Reflects There is no such thing as Google Cast or Airplay yet, we need to step back on the Mirascast system.

The first start of the TV is 15 seconds. It’s faster than the Android TV (between 35-45 seconds), but slightly slower (12 seconds) than LG’s WebOS and Samsung’s Tyson. Destruction occurs immediately when restarted within 2 seconds; An enormous period.

Remote control with microphone.

Remote control with microphone.

The HighSense 55A9G TV comes with a premium aluminum remote control similar to the U8QF. Very thin, it is easy to handle and the buttons fall naturally under the thumb. However, these buttons are not made of rubber, they are made of plastic. The keys are beveled for easy pressing. The experience is generally good, especially with the remote control providing access to all functions. It also offers multimedia keys and special keys for direct access to Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Raguden TV and … Facebook Watch. If the keys are not backed up, there is a microphone on the remote control, which is necessary for research via the built-in Alexa assistant.

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