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Just before the new details about the smartwatch start

Just before the new details about the smartwatch start

What should the smart watch offer? 2 min. According to

The new Oppo Watch 2 is in the early stages and the official release is already scheduled for July 27th. But just before the presentation, some details about the smartwatch came out, including photos and promotional posters. What do you know about the latest Oppo watch so far?

The second generation of the Oppo Watch has changed Already shown on the release of the Renault 6. Nearly two months later, Oppo wants to officially launch the smartwatch, which has already released some teasers on its own Weibo channel. The Watch Watch will re-trust the fast charging technology of the Oppo Watch 2 as it is already available Oppo Watch *.

There are two chips under the hood: one Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 for high performance And a Energy saving Ambic Apollo 4s Longer battery life. As can be seen in the pictures, the Oppo Watch 2 also has a phone function. So there has to be another variation with eSIM and LTE, and GPS.

Images: Evan Plus Twitter

In terms of design, the Oppo does not seem to have changed much. The smartwatch still relies on the square shape with curved glass and two buttons on the right side. The similarities to the Apple Watch still exist, but they are purposeful. Otherwise there should be a waterproof case and various fitness and sports activities. A gaming mode is also to be planned, but no details yet.

Images: ஒப்போ @ வெய்போ

It is not currently clear which operating system will be used. The first video already exists, but it is hidden by Google WearOS. And the question of whether Oppo is still there Older WearOS version or newer Google Wear is still open. Oppo will be the Watch 2 It is expected to be delivered on July 27th, Then there should be more details about the new smartwatch. We will provide you with an update here. The watch will probably do the same in Germany, but mostly not until the fall.

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