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Serie B2021/22: Download the calendar.  Askoli Way

Serie B2021/22: Download the calendar. Askoli Way

2021/2022 PKD Series Restarts From Ferrara: S. Stefano and Easter Mondays as well.

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 24, at 7pm, the 90th Series PKD Championship opens with beautiful views of the Piazza Trento e Trieste in Ferrara.

Presented by Laura Chottili and Mario Quinta, the event features the participation of famous footballers such as former Spall killer Fabio Capello.

The calendar presentation ceremony, organized by Spall and Lega Serie B in support of the Ferrara Municipality, will air at 7pm on the championship’s official licensed channels, Dawson, Helps Live and Sky Sport 24.

Dates and Criteria:

The 90th edition of the PKD Series Championship will begin on Saturday, August 21st, with the opening day on Friday the 20th and ending on Friday the 6th of May 2022.

Easter Monday is Monday 18th April and therefore, on April 25th, is always played on Monday.

The Christmas format has been confirmed, a consistent encounter and appreciated by fans of the PKD series and football: it will take the field for boxing day on December 26th, and then again on December 29th.

The winter break is scheduled for December 30 to January 14, while the national break will also be respected as requested by the Legislature, during which a large number of players will be invited.

Midwicks are scheduled for Tuesday, September 21st, Thursday, October 28th, Tuesday 30th November, Tuesday 1st March, Tuesday 15th March and Tuesday 5th April.

Many requests from local authorities to avoid coincidences with scheduled dates and events in various cities, have been answered as much as possible.

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